AfPIF 2017 Presentations Day 1

1. Welcome and Introduction – Nishal Goburdhan/Kyle Spencer (AfPIF PC Chairs) pdf2. International Bandwidth and Pricing Trends in Sub-Sahara Africa – Patrick Christian (Telegeography) ppt3. The 101 of transceivers in Optical Networks – Thomas Weible (Flexoptix) pdf4. In Search of Low Cost Bandwidth – Niall Robinson (Adva Optical Networking) ppt 5. IPv6 @ Cloudflare – Martin J. Levy (Cloudflare) ppt6. Google Global Cache – enabler for local content growth – Thomas Volmer (Google) – not available for publication
7. Building Traffic Matrices to Support Peering Decisions – Paolo Lucente (PMACCT) pdf
8. Interconnection Evolution – Andrew Owens (TERACO) ppt9. Peering Negotiations – Nina Bargisen (Netflix) pdf 10. “BIG” IXP Jedi and Tracemon: Ripe Atlas tools in Africa – Jasper den Hertog (RIPE NCC) ppt 11. Looking for Latency clusters in Africa – Josiah Chavula (AFRINIC) ppt 12. BGP Link Evaluator –  Alfred Arouna (Université d’Abomey-Calavi) pdf13. Peering Personals #1 ppt