Paulos Nyirenda

Chairperson, Malawi Internet Service Providers Association (MISPA)

Paulos Nyirenda, PhD, was born and lives in Malawi. He is the manager of Malawi SDNP, operates the Malawi .mw ccTLD under which he participates actively in ICANN and other egional and global Internet bodies. Dr Nyirenda is the chairperson of the Malawi Internet Service Providers Association, MISPA, where he chairs the management team for the Malawi Internet Exchange (MIX)

Dr Nyirenda has held senior academic staff positions in the Physics Department of the University of Malawi. He holds a PhD in Electrical Engineering from UNSW, a masters from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, a Bachelors with distinction from University of Malawi and has produced a number of publications.

Dr Nyirenda holds and has held many other important positions in society including election to ccNSO council of ICANN, a trustee of the Malawi Switch Centre, a director and president of the Africa Top Level Domain Organization (AFTLD), an elected co-chair of AfriNIC on Policy Development, Board Member of AFRINIC, Board Member of Malawi Digital Broadcast Network Limited (MDBNL), Chairman of The Malawi National Cyber Security Technical Committee, etc.