Roderick Fanou

PhD Student: IMDEA Networks

Since October 2013, Roderick is working, as a PhD Student at IMDEA Networks Institute, under the supervision of Pierre Francois.

His research interests are: Impacts of Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) on the inter-domain routing in Africa, Routing Architecture, and Internet measurement. His main activities are to investigate the state of inter-domain routing in Africa, identify its weaknesses and observe its evolution. These goals can not be achieved without a partnership with local network operators. Roderick deployed a considerable amount of RIPE Atlas probes on the African continent for research purposes. Since then, he became one of the RIPE Atlas Ambassador in Africa.

Fanou has also facilitated ISOC’s AXIS (African Internet eXchange System) capacity building workshops, and gave a training course on Routing protocols and IXP to an ISP in the region.

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