Prenesh Padayachee

Chief Technology Officer: Internet Solutions

Prenesh Padayachee started  career in the banking industry as a field services engineer starting off with basic communication networks to support the banks communication needs. Later on I was selected to be part of a team that led the bank into the world of the Internet Protocol and delivered on converting all banking infrastructure from old banking networking environments to the world of IP.

Then hi accepted position with IBM as a technical advisory specialist as a consultant on various aspects of their technology and how best it could be used to overcome issues being experienced from a customer perspective.
He is  currently a director at Internet Solutions a division of Dimension Data, employed as the Chief Technology Officer. His areas of responsibility include both local and international operations and encompass all the back office operations from machine room deployment through to management and monitoring of all services that we onward sell to clients as well as the OSS and BSS functions within our business. This entails the use of cutting edge technologies to ensure that Internet Solutions remains at the forefront of an extremely competitive environment.

He is  also an executive director and board member on the Dimension Data South Africa board and part of the global Dimension Data leadership team.