Nico Tshintu Bakajika

Operation Manager, ISPA-DRC and KINIX

Nico TSHINTU is responsible for the administration, finance and operation of the Internet Service Provider Association (ISPA-DRC) and KINIX. He has a Graduate Degree in Mathematics and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information.

Prior to joining ISPA-DRC, he began working as an investigations and external relations officer in a telecommunications consultancy agency. He is the initiator and chairman of the Management Committee of the “Information Office for Development” (IDB), an NGO based in Congolese law whose activities are focused on the management of information useful for development (collection, processing, data analysis and storage, dissemination of information). Frequently consulted for the collection, processing and analysis of data on behalf of organizations such as PSI / DRC, Alternatives / DRC and ILO / DRC. He works voluntarily as a member of the ISPA-DRC Commission in charge of the development and implementation of the RDC-IX project (achievable in three phases: KINIX, LUBIX, GOMIX). He is a member of the Board of Directors of NIC-DRC (which will be responsible for managing the .cd domain name). He is also a member of ISOC Chapter RDC.