Julião Braga

PhD student: UPMackenzie

Julião Braga is Brazilian author and engineer.

He holds a degree in Mathematics and Logistics. is currently a PhD student in the Program of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UPMackenzie, masters’ degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science by UPMackenzie (2015), MS in Computer Theory by PUC-Río de Janeiro (1985), MBA in Logistics and Project Management.

He co-authored “O Livro do IETF” (“The Book of the IETF”). Organized the two most recent IETF Days in Brazil: I and II Workshops pre-IETF. He is intimately involved in the field of Internet infrastructure. His research focuses on autonomous agents, and he is particularly interested in the IETF’s ANIMA WG. He facilitated IXP workshops conducted in São Tomé and Príncipe, Cape Verde and Mozambique (August 2015) promoted by ISOC and Africa Union.