Rogers Capital Welcomes AfPIF-10 to Mauritius!

Rogers Capital has welcomed Africa’s tech community to Mauritius, promising an eventful and educational AfPIF-10, set for August 20th to 22nd 2019.

According to Dev Hurkoo, Managing Director, Rogers Capital, the chance to host AfPIF, which will also mark the event’s 10th year anniversary, has allowed the company and Mauritius as a whole, to showcase its ability to build capabilities, share knowledge, discuss new policies, and creating awareness around the role each ICT stakeholder plays in ensuring that Africa as a whole benefits from the latest developments and policies.

The island of Mauritius boasts of a business friendly legislative environment. For example, Mauritius has signed Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) with 46 countries globally, including 15 African countries.

“Major international ICT players, including Oracle, Microsoft, IBM, HP, CISCO, Orange Business Services, Accenture, Infosys, Hinduja Group, France Telecom, Ceridian and TNT Group, have set up their operations and development centres in Mauritius. The island is home to several mobile operators in addition to the fixed phone operators,” Mr Hurkoo highlighted.

Rogers Capital combines world class financial expertise with cutting edge technology to provide sophisticated solutions for businesses, institutions and individuals in their evolution towards a better tomorrow. For instance, in the cyber city of Ebene, Rogers Capital has deployed its own fibre GPON network, and has also built a highly resilient Carrier Neutral Data Centre with Tier3 standards, housing the extension to the Mauritius IXP.

“We, as a leading ICT service provider are looking forward to a fruitful event, bringing together the entire Internet community and its key stakeholders. We are dedicated to providing our utmost support to ensure the smooth running of operations during the event. The pertinent subjects earmarked on the agenda are of great interest to the entire community and we are looking forward to see the debate unfold locally to bring more value to the current Mauritian ICT landscape,” said Mr. Hurkoo.

Rogers Capital is indeed privileged to be based in a country that according to the Economic Development Bank data, hosts approximately 800 ICT companies and 23 banks.

“On behalf of our local parnters and the Mauritius Internet community, we anticipate a very prolific interaction between the AFPIF delegates and local experts. As an ICT Hub, such an event can only bring more value to our jurisdiction. We welcome and look forward to hosting you in Mauriutus” concluded Mr. Hurkoo.