Simon Muyal

CTO: FranceIX

Simon Muyal has 15 years of experience in the telco world.

Background: CTO at France IX for the past 4 years, R&D and network manager at RENATER, the French NREN for 10 years
Representing a broad internet exchange: France IX, member-based organisation with local presence in Paris and Marseille (+350 connected ASN, local infrastructure in 11 DCs, additional services: route servers with blackholing service, ROA/RPKI filtering, web portal with flow statitics, etc.)
Helping the technical deployment of IXs in West Africa (Morocco, Senegal) and participating in African workshops
Working on different projects to improve France IX services (automatic provisioning, SLAs, using peeringDB API) and reduce its costs (new backbone deployment planned in 3 months to have higher 100G customer density and new DCI DWDM solution)