Simon Muyal

CTO: FranceIX

    – Education: MSc Engineering

– Background: CTO at France IX for the past 6 years, R&D and network manager at RENATER, the French NREN for 10 years

– Helping the technical deployment of IXs in West Africa (Morocco, Senegal, Congo )

– Representing a broad internet exchange: France IX, member-based organisation with local presence in Paris and Marseille (+400 connected ASN, local infrastructure in 11 DCs, additional services: route servers with RPKI/IRR filtering, blackholing service, web portal with flow statitics, etc) connecting some African players

– Working on different projects to improve France IX services (automatic provisioning, SLAs, using peeringDB API) and reduce its costs (new backbone deployment planned in 3 months).

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