AfPIF 2010 Agenda

Day 1: August 11, 2010

Setting the Stage: Peering vs Transit Economics

Moderator: Kurtis Lindqvist (NETNOD)

African Fiber Assets: Mike Jensen
01.B.Mwangi.IXP: Michuki Mwangi (Internet Society)
The Peering Game: Bill Norton

Interconnection: the Cross-Border Policy and Regulatory Challenges

Moderator: Dr. Nii Quaynor

Overview of Existing Cross-Border and Regulatory Policies:

  • East Africa: EARPTO
  • Southern Africa: William Stucke
  • NePAD broadband strategy and Umojanet: Edmund Katiti (e-Africa Commission)
  • Peering and Transit regulations – Best approach for Governments: Mike Jensen
Peering and Interconnection Strategies for Operator

Moderator: Mark Tinka

  • The Art of Peering: Bill Norton
  • How to Evaluate Peering Locations: Jonny Martin (Packet Clearing House)

 Day 2: August 12, 2010

A Guide to Peering and Interconnection Contracts and Negotiations

Moderator: John Walubengo

  • Understanding the Jargon: Mark Tinka (AfriNIC)
  • Issues to Consider when Developing an Interconnection Policy: Bill Norton
  • IXPs Peering Policies: Kurtis Lindqvist (NETNOD)
Africa Peering and Interconnection Opportunities: The Transition from National ISPs to Regional Carriers

Moderator: Dr. Nii Quaynor

  • Identifying the business case and model: Jean-Pierre de Leu, SEACOM
  • African Operators Peering and Interconnection challenges: Paul Mugemangango, MTN Rwanda
  • National Fiber infrastructures: What’s in it for regional Carriers – East African Case: Jane Karuku, Orange Kenyay
The Role of Carrier Neutral Data Centres

Moderator: Mike Jensen

  • The role of content providers: Mike Blanche
  • Role of Carrier Neutral Data Centers: Jonny Martin (Packet Clearing House)
  • NRENs whats their real content value: Meoli Kashorda (Ubuntunet Alliance)
  • Building Critical mass at an IXP Job Witteman (AMSIX)