Travel and Visa

Be Aware:

  • Travel to and participation in the event is at the participant’s own discretion.
  • Stay informed of local travel advisories and take precautions where necessary.

Visa Requirements

Entering the Democratic Republic of the Congo requires you to complete some administrative procedures depending on your nationality and the type of stay:

  1. Nationalities exempt from visa requirements: Burundi, Republic of the Congo (Congo-Brazzaville), Rwanda, Zimbabwe.
  2. Nationalities eligible for a visa on arrival: Kenya, Mauritius, Tanzania, Benin (travelers from these countries can obtain a visa on arrival without needing to complete any extra steps). 
  3. Nationalities subject to standard visa requirements: citizens of any other country where there is Congolese consular representation.
  4. Applicants from countries that do not have a Congolese diplomatic representation must apply for a flying visa (visa volant).
    • 4.1. Flying visa (visa on arrival):
      Authorization is generally granted by the Director General to a foreigner coming from a country where the DRC does not have a diplomatic or a consular representation. This authorization, paid for by a requester (individual or legal entity) in accordance with the DRC immigration laws, enables the interested party to arrive at the border and pay for an airport or port visa to enter the Congolese territory. The flying visa is also granted on a special basis to guests of the Congolese Government or to guests of an event of national, continental or worldwide interest. 
    • 4.2. Visa on arrival (Airport or port visa):
      Issued at the applicant’s entry point or by express authorization of the Director General. It is valid for seven days. After this period, recipients must regularize their stay through the Chancellery Services of the Direction Générale de Migration(General Directorate of Migration) or the Direction Provinciale de Migration (Provincial Directorate of Migration). The fee for a visa on arrival is 90 USD and must be paid in cash at the immigration services of the N’djili International Airport only.

Recommendation of the AfPIF secretariat:

If you are allowed to visit DRC for AfPIF with a Flying Visa (or Visa Volant), we can help expedite your Visa Process. 

Three weeks before the event, on 29 July 2024, we will contact you to collect your flight and accommodation details and share a document you should print and use for your international travel, along with more instructions on what to do upon arrival.

Other Useful Information

Money, Finances, Currency

Most credit cards are accepted; however, it is preferable to have cash in the local currency (Congolese franc). Currency exchange services are available in most hotels and malls. ATMs are also available for withdrawals of Congolese francs or dollars. US dollars (USD) and Congolese francs are widely accepted.


  • Proof of vaccination against yellow fever is required to enter the DRC.
  • Please consult your doctor for malaria prevention or for any other health issues you may have while visiting the DRC.
  • Remember to bring mosquito repellent.
  • Avoid water sold in sachets or plastic bags. It is preferable to drink bottled water.


Stay cool and dry! Average temperatures are between 21°C and 29 °C, but it may drop down to 12 °C or rise to 33 °C depending on the year.


  • The following apps are used to book car-sharing in Kinshasa: Yango and Maadjabu Cabb (you must pay in cash).
  • AfPIF will make shuttle services available from the airport to some selected hotels. The final itinerary will be posted online and shared via email to all attendees close to the event date.
  • Never underestimate the traffic in Kinshasa. Leave enough time to travel through the city.
  • Aim to arrive in Kinshasa in the evening and leave your hotel around 1 P.M. for your return flight (if leaving in the evening). If in doubt, speak to your hotel reception or contact AfPIF’s organization team.


You can buy a SIM card for voice and data services at the airport.

We recommend the following networks: Airtel, Africell, Orange and Vodacom. Make sure to buy these cards from approved vendors/kiosks. ID is required to register and activate the SIM card.

Watch Out

  • For offers from individuals at the airport who do not have identity documents and insist on helping to carry your luggage.
  • For pickpockets in popular locations, especially in markets and in the streets.
  • Keep telephones and bags away from open windows during travel.